Download Wireshark 2.6 for Mac

Wireshark is very powerful for network analysis providing complete traffic over the network.

Software details

10.10 / 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9

Software description

Wireshark 2.6.5 free download for Mac is a strong analytical application of the network that provides full details of the network’s traffic. Wireshark 2.6.5 (64-bit) Download for Mac is an alternative user to provide powerful tools for your specific choices and traffic analysis of the network. This is a powerful site for solving network problems, as well as protocol development.

Wireshark for Mac Free download is a valid application that has no effect on the network and has no effect on Internet speed. This Wireshark 2.6 for Mac Free Download operates rapidly on the network and provides expert information on Internet Transport. Wireshark is the world’s most reliable applications that use life-saving features and other powerful tools. Shortly, it provides a complete analysis of the network with the dissemination of the network.

Wireshark 2.6 for Mac Download Free

Key features include

  • Strong application for traffic analysis.
  • Provides a fair set of choices and so equipment.
  • Provides traffic information.
  • Simple and so Understanding Environment.
  • Confirm solutions for the troubleshooting network
  • Provides complete equipment for development of the protocol.
  • Hundreds of powerful tools and so options to work with network analysis.
  • Record the data using the GUI or TTY mode network.
  • Supporting the command line and so standard 3D-backer browser.
  • The wealthy VoIP analysis and coloring features.
  • See future and so external boxes
  • Many other powerful choices.


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