Download Adobe Fireworks CS6 For Mac

Adobe Fireworks is a discontinued bitmap and vector graphics, editor.

Software details

10.10 / 10.11 / 10.13 / 10.5 / 10.6.8 / 10.7 / 10.8

Software description

Adobe Fireworks CS6 v12.0.1 Build 274 Before the merger of two major Macromedia and Adobe companies, two Macromedia products from Fireworks CS6 and Adobe’s ImageReady were used to prepare and optimize the images to be published on the Web and build GIF inlays.

Almost these two rival software were rivals, but after integrating these two other companies, the ImageReady software that came with Photoshop was not installed, and since then we have seen the expansion of FireWorks, which added a lot of tools and facilities to facilitate web design. After reading the capabilities of Adobe Fireworks CS6 For Mac, you will have the power of Adobe Fireworks CS6 in web design.

Download Adobe Fireworks CS6 For Mac

Adobe Fireworks CS6 is the name of the software we have prepared for dear users. In the past, many users who have been involved in Web design and development of virtual pages have two Macromedia product Fireworks and Adobe’s ImageReady product to prepare and optimize images for publication. They used the Web and made GIF animations.

Key features include

  • Ability to create Image Map on photos.
  • Website layout design.
  • Ability to import Illustrator files and edit these files.
  • Create a popup menu and save ability with CSS and HTML format.
  • Ability to edit the profile and do more in lesser stages.
  • Integration and integration between Fireworks and Flash Catalyst CS5.
  • Precision Pixel and Sharp measurement capability. Matte edges or strokes on smooth edges. Vector shapes.
  • Stretchability or expandability for batch processing.
  • Ability to create popup menus in the popular javascript programming language.
  • New Page panel to create multiple pages within a document and share layers between them.
  • Create and edit pixel and vector images.
  • Build and create GIF animations.


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